Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More participants

I am pleased to announce the addition of the following people to the list of people interested in participating in this project.

  Alex S
... I met when I recorded his band "Pedestrian" a few years ago, and we have stayed great friends ever since. In my books he is the most focussed percussionist on Earth. I am not sure how he is able to constantly perform at such a high standard, but it may have something ot do with his ability to maintain high levels of positive mental energy which transfer through his playing, and is also contageous to other performers. His enthusiasm and love of music is also contageous to all who listen and take it in. This dude is one of a kind.
[drums, any unpitched percussion, didgeridoo]

Lead vocalist Kamal has the unique ability to perform spontaneously written lyrics whilst drawing you in with his clear tone and melodies. He sings with his heart, and transmits his deepest emotions to all who listen.
[vocals, rhythm guitar]

... is another multi-instrumentalist who has an amazing ear for all genres of music he performs to. As well as being able to perform on any instrument he sets his mind to playing, he can also has a passion to write lyrics about political issues.
[vocals, guitar, drums, sax]

My other housemate. He studies classical percussion at the Elder Con, and plays an array of pitched or unpitched percussion instruments. He also plays electronic synthesiser and isn't too shabby with vocal harmonies.
[pitched/unpitched percussion, keys, vocals]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hullo damo. Sorry I am a 9-5er and couldn't participate D:

Weekends are good, and non-crazy weeks. Perhaps next time...

<3 benno (& lara)

6:20 pm  

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