Thursday, October 05, 2006

Songs Info

The first song: "Beat the night" was the first song of the night. It was
writte by Damo and Chris, and deals with the ambiguity surrounding the
night, and its influence over humanity. The day "beats the night like a
jaded lover", and it is overpowering. As a result, the night is a better
time for art, for becoming someone completely different. The night has
"divides where any man can stash his soul for a while". In this way, the
song is about the idea of transforming into someone completely different.

The song is also about the task at hand. Being the first song that was
undertaken, this song deals with the time constraints of the project, and
the idea of "beating" the night, "beating" the concept of time and being
"beaten" down by the ideas that are coming out through the music.

The song features Tony on drums, and unfortunalety, the obscure tempo of the
song, amde Tony have a hissy fit at his drums, scream and start hitting th
alcohol. You got to love rock and roll!

French Salsa was written at about 3 in the morning. We were not allowed to
use the kit, because aparrently, nieghbours need "sleep"...softies!!
Therefore, the music itself uses acoustic guitars and a djundum (???). tony
came up with the main riff and he and Alex jammed it out until it was ready
for vocals. the vocals were done by Camal and Chris, and at the endx of the
song, everybody in the room instinctively bagan to sing the "ba-badaba's".
It sounded so natural, and cheesy that we coudn't not do it!! Later on,
Tony and Chris added the beach boy harmanies. It was quite a sight to see 2
men standing side by side at a microphone, belting out fallsetto! Great

The song itself deals with two sets of lyrics inttertwining throughout the
sone. it deals with a confusion of feelings, a wish to make love apparent
and an ambiguity between the emotions of love and frustration. This meaning
tends to get lost in the gaiety of the music, and although it deals with
these confusing feelings, it still has a lightheartedness about it that can
only come through love.


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