Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here are links to the songs created. More info on the content once I re-gain metal clarity.

1. Beat the Night
2. Huntin' Season
3. French Salsa
4. New York Hope
5. I will go on
6. I can't believe it's not death metal

Huntin' Season

I know I should be writting more in the blog. I'm sorry... more soon.
Here is our second song Huntin' Season

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just started

It has just turned 6pm and Chris and I are the only ones here. We are just plugging in guitars and effects ready to write the first song. As i write this in my bedroom, I ca nhear Chris come up with some ideas on his guitar.

More as it happens.

More participants

I am pleased to announce the addition of the following people to the list of people interested in participating in this project.

  Alex S
... I met when I recorded his band "Pedestrian" a few years ago, and we have stayed great friends ever since. In my books he is the most focussed percussionist on Earth. I am not sure how he is able to constantly perform at such a high standard, but it may have something ot do with his ability to maintain high levels of positive mental energy which transfer through his playing, and is also contageous to other performers. His enthusiasm and love of music is also contageous to all who listen and take it in. This dude is one of a kind.
[drums, any unpitched percussion, didgeridoo]

Lead vocalist Kamal has the unique ability to perform spontaneously written lyrics whilst drawing you in with his clear tone and melodies. He sings with his heart, and transmits his deepest emotions to all who listen.
[vocals, rhythm guitar]

... is another multi-instrumentalist who has an amazing ear for all genres of music he performs to. As well as being able to perform on any instrument he sets his mind to playing, he can also has a passion to write lyrics about political issues.
[vocals, guitar, drums, sax]

My other housemate. He studies classical percussion at the Elder Con, and plays an array of pitched or unpitched percussion instruments. He also plays electronic synthesiser and isn't too shabby with vocal harmonies.
[pitched/unpitched percussion, keys, vocals]

Monday, September 25, 2006

Added volunteer!

  Lauren J
...has volunteered to design the album artwork, do photography and cater! She has completed stage SACE stage 2 photography, certificate 2 in hospitality, RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), and is currently doing a B.A in digital media and screen studies. She tutors I.T at flinders uni and mentors year 12 IT & multimedia students (so well over qualified and critically essential to the soberness and well being of all involved).

Intro and planning

Hi! Welcome to a Crap Art production. Over the next few days I will be planning and executing a whole album which will be composed, recorded and post produced in a 24 hour period.

Here are the project rules which I aim to uphold. To keep it interesting I am going to ask a few artists to be involved, not just one or two. For those of you who haven't bothered to check out the rules, I'll fill you in a bit, but for those of you who have, skip the next bit. Crap Art: Album-a-day (see above link) projects have a few rules. The most important ones are these:

- All music must be written, recorded and produced etc within the 24hrs
- The group must only work on one song at a time
- Everything must be used, i.e. cannot abandon songs if they do not turn out
- Must be 20 minutes of materal or 30 songs

I shall be doing most of the organising/directing/recording work. I don't know how much playing I am going to be able to do if I'm sitting of the record button all the time, and hopefully driving the album so that we reach the 20 minute or 30 song quota.

At this point I have the following people saying they want to be involved:

Singer in ex-band 'Fixion' which we used to play in. Chris's strengths lie in his ability to quickly write meaningful and poetic lyrics, beautiful melodies, playing guitar using e-bow and effects.
[vocals, guitar]

My house mate Tony, whome I have been in too many bands to mention, is a multi-instrumentalist virtuoso. His main strengths are playing lead guitar with effects, finger-picking Elliot Smith type guitar, drums (high in creativity and energy) and trumpet. He also plays keyboard, violin, bass and sings.
[guitar, vocals, drums, trumpet, viola]

  Alex M
There is very little he cannot do. Alex is a master of music doing his Masters in Music Composition. His major strengths are playing violin and keyboard, editing, mixing producing, composing for any instrument including his own electronic sampler inventions, and making a killer coffee. He also does cd design/printing and video editing/production.
[violin, keys, flute]

That's me. My strengths are recording, electronic composition, arranging for songs, creative production, playing keys bass and guitar. I also do video editing and web stuff.
[keys, bass, guitar, oboe]

If all goes to plan, the 24 hours period will be starting this Wednesday the 27th at 6pm. Songs will be posted to this blog site as they are completed, so stay tuned at that time!

Positions still needed to add:
More singers/songwriters
Still and Video photographers
Video director
Art cover desingers
Food caterers

If I know you well but haven't ask you to be involved please don't get upset with me. I have only asked certain people who fit into any of these catagories:

- don't work 9-5
- don't have kids
- don't have to travel far (Chris excepted because he was the original muso)
- I have worked with under this kind of pressure before
- and have their own mode of transportation

Please drop me a comment re: anything, Cheers!